挖掘( excavate的第三人称单数 );开凿;挖出;发掘


excavate[ 'ekskə,veit ]

v.lay bare through digging

"Schliemann excavated Troy"


find by digging in the ground

同义词:dig upturn up

form by hollowing

"Carnegie had a lake excavated for Princeton University's rowing team"; "excavate a cavity"

remove the inner part or the core of

"the mining company wants to excavate the hillside"




用作动词(v.)It took a long time to excavate the ancient city of Troy.

挖掘古老的特洛伊城,花了很长时间。I let him excavate around the mine.

我准许他在金矿周围挖掘。They plan to excavate a large hole.

他们计划挖个大洞。The archaeologists excavated a buried city.



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