reside in

reside in音标

英 [riˈzaid in]

美 [rɪˈzaɪd ɪn]

reside in翻译



reside in用法


There is a lot of vice in big cities.

大城市存在许多道德败坏的行为。Memory has been shown to reside in some metals.



Evidence that stem cells reside in the adult Drosophila midgut epithelium.

BAD and glucokinase reside in a mitochondrial complex that integrates glycolysis and apoptosis.

Does the trigger for abrupt climate change reside in the ocean or in the atmosphere?

FGF-2-Responsive Neuronal Progenitors Reside in Proliferative and Quiescent Regions of the Adult Rodent Brain

Human semaphorins A(V) and IV reside in the 3p21.3 small cell lung cancer deletion region and demonstrate distinct expression patter...

Dendritic cells with antigen-presenting capability reside in airway epithelium, lung parenchyma, and visceral pleura.

Cells Expressing Early Cardiac Markers Reside in the Bone Marrow and Are Mobilized Into the Peripheral Blood After Myocardial Infarc...

Leukemia-initiating cells from some acute myeloid leukemia patients with mutated nucleophosmin reside in the CD34(-) fraction

A low level of reactive oxygen species selects for primitive hematopoietic stem cells that may reside in the low-oxygenic niche.

A population of multipotent CD34-positive adipose stromal cells share pericyte and mesenchymal surface markers, reside in a periendo...