adj. 含氮的v. 使氮化(azotiz的过去式和过去分词形式)



Theazotizedsiliconfactorypossessesthe domesticadvancedazotizedsiliconsinteringequipments.


Andtheazotizedsiliconproducthas wonthehonorarytitleofnationalnewproduct for the yearof1995.



Alloy of azotized character

Alloy of azotized character

Study on Chemical Wicker-plating and Application of Azotized Silicon Whisker

Synthesis of di azotized sulfur 35 sulfanilic acid of high specific activity a label for the outer surface of cell membranes

[Azotized emetine analogues: synthesis and evaluation of the anti-amebic and anti-tumoral action of aza-3 emetine and attempted synt...

[Electrophoretic characterization of the azotized fractions of the most common meat extracts found in the Italian market]

[Chromatographic studies of amino acids and soluble azotized substances in flours made from grain and leguminous plants.]

Monoclonal anti-gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) produced by azotized GnRH preferentially recognise to native hormone

[Growth and development of leaves of Lolium conducted in 3 contrasted bunch of azotized fertilisation [Morocco]]

ChemInform Abstract: Selectivity Control in the Ni(0)-Catalyzed Co-Oligomerization of Butadiene with Azotized Heterodienes